So What’s the Big Deal About Growth Wheel®?

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Starting and growing a business is a highly risky venture.  In an uncertain environment where money is always tight, business owners must make decisions quickly … payrolls must be met, rent and utilities must be paid, sales must happen, inventory and equipment must be purchased, and employees must be hired and managed.  Making the wrong decision at the wrong time, or in an incorrect sequence, or not making a necessary decision at all, could put a fledgling company in serious jeopardy.

In seeking out the best resources for our Technology Incubator client companies, I came across Growth Wheel® at a national incubator conference.  I learned that Growth Wheel® is a toolbox for decision making in startup and growth companies.  It helps entrepreneurs and business advisors to get focused, set agendas and take action.  While at the conference, I took the time to gather opinions from other incubator directors. The response was unanimous, everyone highly recommended Growth Wheel®. I became convinced that this resource needs to be brought to Rock Hill, and Knowledge Park, in particular.

The Growth Wheel® toolbox contains guidance frameworks, inspirational articles, decision-making worksheets, all based on the power of “group think” with hundreds of contributing business advisors and entrepreneurs.  Along with coaching assistance from a Certified Business Advisor, companies are guided through the process of arriving at the right decisions for their specific circumstances.

To able to access the Growth Wheel® toolbox, a business assistance organization, such as the TI Center, must obtain a license from Growth Wheel®; and 2) have a Growth Wheel® Certified Business Advisor on staff to coach business owners through the guidance materials.  We now have met all of the licensing requirements as are currently offering Growth Wheel® materials and coaching to our client technology startup companies.

Although having Growth Wheel® available to our clients companies provides us with a competitive edge over other communities and incubators in recruiting new entrepreneurs, we feel it is too valuable a resource not to offer it to all business owners in the area.  Thus, the big news is that The Technology Incubator will be conducting Growth Wheel® based workshops for local business owners for a nominal registration fee.  Visit our web site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter regularly to learn of workshop dates.