What is it?

Our Center’s economic development mission is to assist in the successful launching of innovative technology companies to create knowledgable worker jobs in the commnity.

How it works


Entrepreneurs can propose their innovation and business model to the Technology Incubator staff for review.  This process will determine if your business can be scaled through the utilization of our resources.

We continually seek out scalable start-ups that have achieved “Proof of Concept” or a working prototype, have a strong growth market, and ideally, have generated some customer revenue. 


Upon entering the Technology Incubator program, entrepreneurs have access to a range of resources including creative workspace, business consulting support, technology services, and more.


The Technology Incubator is designed for entrepreneurs who anticipate a 12 – 18 month development cycle. Once we have helped you launch your idea to market, we’ll continue to help you grow.


Four Client Companies applied to the statewide SC Launch program, all four were evaluated and accepted into the program.  SC Launch provides additional networks, contact and potential funding assistance to promising startups. SC Launch


One client company, Cimplx, which provides a ”software as a service” product for Affordable Care Act compliance for employer companies.  The firm grew from 3 to over 50 employees in just over 18 months. Cimplx


Graduate company ThoroughCare, one of the SC Launch member companies, found its appropriate market niche while a client company and raised sufficient capital for launching its electronic health assessment tool.


The Technology Incubator planned and coordinated four public educational events leading to the establishment of the local angel investor group, Carolina Tech Angels.  They are part of the South Carolina Angel Network


The Technology Incubator planned and coordinated student Business Model Competitions involving nearly 100 middle school, high school and college students.  Each team pitched their innovative business idea to judges for prizes and recognition.  These competitions have now been integrated into the respective  schools. Business Model Competition


You just have to figure out something people need and find a way to execute it better than everyone else.Daniel Isenberg Worthless, Impossible and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value


Current Incubator Participants

Graduated Businesses


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Right now, and for the first time ever, a passionate and committed individual has access to the technology, minds, and capital required to take on any challenge … the world’s biggest problems are now the world’s biggest business opportunities.Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler BOLD

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